The Best Apple Watch Tip for Every Zodiac Sign

December 15, 2023 Howard Huang

Maximize how you use your Apple Watch features and functionality with our specialized tips tailored to complement your zodiac traits.

Aries: Use Workout Detections

Adventurous Aries stays motivated by enabling automatic Workout Tracking. Your watch will start logging outdoor runs, walks, swims and more without manually starting the app. View ongoing progress and completed workout data in the Fitness app.

Taurus: Add a Bedtime Reminder

Responsible Taurus maintains their routine using the Wind Down sleep reminder. Set a bedtime alert that dims the watch screen and syncs with iPhone Night Shift to help you unwind on time before your scheduled rest.

Gemini: Customize Watch Faces

Indecisive Gemini satisfies myriad moods by saving customized Watch Faces to match their many interests. Swap beautifully branded faces from Disney, WoW, Jojo Siwa or exclusive artists to fuel self-expression.

Cancer Create a Photos Watch Face

Sentimental Cancer creates a personal Photo Watch Face highlighting cherished family memories from their iPhone library. Tap the screen to shuffle through different pics that warm your heart throughout the day.

Leo: Share Your Activity

Playful Leo engages friendly competition by using Activity Sharing. Motivate friends and family by compare daily Exercise and Move ring progress. Talk smack or cheer each other on from your wrist.

Virgo: Use A No-Distraction Mode

Focused Virgo blocks digital disruptions by engaging Focus Mode to silence notifications when concentrating deeply. Automate activation during designated deep work hours through the iPhone Focus settings.

Libra: Mirror Apple Watch to iPhone

Diplomatic Libra ensures their iPhone and Apple Watch complement each other by enabling Mirror Front Camera. Use your watch as a remote viewfinder to perfectly frame selfies on your phone in harmonious fashion.

Scorpio: Enable Fall Detection

Cautious Scorpio stays safer alone by turning on Apple Watch Fall Detection. The motion sensor automatically contacts emergency services if it suspects you’ve taken a bad spill and remain motionless for one minute.

Sagittarius: Check Weather Forecasts

Spontaneous Sagittarius avoids storms during impromptu travels by checking the Weather app from their wrist. See hourly and daily forecasts in new destinations to prepare properly before embarking on cross-country adventures.

Capricorn Achieve Move Goals

Ambitious Capricorn internalizes their Apple Watch Move goals for daily motivation rather than competing against others. Use the Activity app’s trend data to gradually increase personal milestones at a sustainable rate.

Aquarius: Reply Via Custom Answers

Clever Aquarius shortcuts frequent messages with customized Quick Replies. Edit stock responses or create your own snippy animoji videos, voice recordings or tapbacks. Show off your ingenious wit and unique personality.

Pisces: Identify Bird Calls

Attuned Pisces connects with nature by identifying ambient birdsongs using the Shazam app. When a beautiful bird call captures your attention, simply launch Shazam on your watch to learn the species with delight.

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