Determining the Size of Your Apple Watch

February 16, 2024 Howard Huang

Determining the Size of Your Apple Watch

Ever wondered, "What size is my Apple Watch?" You're not alone. Many Apple Watch owners find themselves in a similar predicament, especially when it's time to buy a new band or replace the old one. But don't worry, we've got you covered. This guide will help you figure out the size of your Apple Watch in no time. Let's dive in!

HEDock Update #6 - Make Money Selling HEDock!

September 04, 2016 Howard Huang

HEDock Update #6 - Make Money Selling HEDock!

Hi Everyone, Thanks for all of the support this past year. As a way of saying thanks, we would like to offer you an opportunity to make money by referring your family and friends. We are excited to announce our HEDock Affiliate Program. Sign up today to earn the following benefits: Get 25% when customers purchase using your referral link within 30 day(s). Get paid for one sale or hundreds of sales. No minimums. Payout in 30 day(s). Sincerely, Howard

HEDock Update #5 - Same Great Dock with a New Price!

June 12, 2016 Howard Huang

HEDock Update #5 - Same Great Dock with a New Price!

Hi Everyone, We have made some big progress since our last update. Starting today HEDock has a new price at $29.99. Order one today to use as a backup or just in time for Father's day.  Sincerely, Howard

HEDock Update #4 - Shipping in Now!

June 02, 2015 Howard Huang

Hi Everyone,We are pleased to announce that we are now shipping HEDock! By the time you read this, your dock should be on its way. Please allow 5-8 business days from today. Thank you everyone for the support and patience while we worked to ramp this up.It would mean the world to us if you shared a photo of your dock on instagram or twitter. Just use the hashtag #hedock and mention @hedocks.We value your feedback and ideas, so please don't hesitate to email me directly.Sincerely,

HEDock Update #3 - Shipping in June

May 04, 2015 Howard Huang

Hey everyone,We are excited to announce that we have finalized our design. Production for the HEDock is currently underway and the initial batch of units should be ready to ship in early June. Of course, if we can get it out to everyone earlier we will. Enjoy this late night photo we took of a 42mm Stainless Steel Apple Watch on the final HEDock prototype. Sorry, we took the photo using an iPhone in not so ideal lighting conditions. We couldn't wait any longer to show everyone the HEDock in the flesh.As always, if anything changes we will keep everyone updated through our newsletter and our blog.Sincerely,

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