The Best Apple Watch App for Every Zodiac Sign

December 15, 2023 Howard Huang

Find your astrological match among the vast array of Apple Watch apps. Our zodiac-specific recommendations help you discover the perfect apps to complement your personality.

Aries: Nike Run Club

As the zodiac’s foremost athlete, active Aries will enjoy tracking runs and workouts with Nike Run Club. Turn fitness into a competition and share progress with friends for extra motivation fueled by your bold spirit.

Taurus: GoodNotes

Methodical Taurus will stay super organized with GoodNotes by syncing Apple Watch voice memos into categorized digital notebooks. Fuel your efficient nature by checking tasks, journaling ideas, and outlining plans on the go.

Gemini: Spotify

Tune into all your favorite podcasts and playlists when you install flexible Gemini’s streaming app of choice: Spotify. The wrist-friendly app lets you easily save songs that spark your curiosity across genres.

Cancer: Sea Sounds Sleep Sounds

Dreamy Cancer will drift into deep relaxation with the Sea and Sleep Sounds ambient noise app. Choose from crashing waves, chirping crickets and rain showers to connect with emotions and soothe stressed moods from your watch.

Leo: Instagram

What better app for vibrant Leo’s fabulous lifestyle than Instagram? Snap stylish selfies, post Stories to your adoring fans, and reshare meme creativity. The notifications will keep you engaged with the community you shine so brightly within.

Virgo: WaterMinder

Health-conscious Virgo stays hydrated with WaterMinder, which tracks H20 intake throughout the day against personalized goals. Critical alerts remind you to sip, fulfilling your wellness-optimization tendencies.

Libra: Calory

Balanced Libra maintains their fab figure by monitoring nutrition with Calory. The intuitive app learns your diet and activity patterns, then helps you set and achieve daily caloric goals aligned with your needs.

Scorpio: Insight Timer

Introspective Scorpio can indulge their passion for self-discovery with Insight Timer and its massive library of meditation tutorials, hypnotherapy sessions and more mind-expansion tools. Track progress against mental and emotional health goals.

Sagittarius: SkyView

Adventurous Sagittarius can star gaze from anywhere with SkyView by holding their wrist to the sky for zodiac identification, constellations, satellites and more. Learn about the big picture while you envision travels afar.

Capricorn: Trello

Universe-ruling Capricorn stays aligned with long-term objective using Trello to manage action items across multiple projects and teams. Assign tasks, set due dates, attach files and indicate progress from your Apple Watch.

Aquarius: Audio Hypnotism

Far-out Aquarius will dig the out-of-the-box Audio Hypnotism app and its galaxy of transcendental audio trips. Stream readings, meditations and sleep journeys that speak to your avant garde interests.

Pisces: Breathwrk

Dreamy Pisces can practice emotional grounding with Breathwrk, guiding their breathing pace to music. Follow visual cues during these mini-meditations to de-stress and recentre yourself when overwhelmed. Find stillness and peace.

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