Protecting your Apple Watch from scratches and damage: Expert advice

January 06, 2023 Howard Huang

Apple Watch

If you're the proud owner of an Apple Watch, you know just how useful and convenient this smartwatch can be. But to ensure that it stays in top condition and continues to serve you well, you'll need to take steps to protect it from scratches and damage. Here are some expert tips for protecting your Apple Watch:

  1. Use a screen protector: One of the most vulnerable parts of the Apple Watch is the screen, which can easily get scratched or damaged. To protect the screen, consider using a screen protector. There are many different screen protector options available, including tempered glass, plastic film, or silicone. Just be sure to choose a high-quality screen protector that is specifically designed for the Apple Watch.

  2. Use a case: Another way to protect your Apple Watch is by using a case. There are many different case options available, ranging from simple silicone skins to more protective rugged cases. Just be sure to choose a case that fits your watch properly and provides adequate protection against drops, bumps, and other types of damage.

  3. Avoid contact with rough surfaces: To protect your Apple Watch from scratches and other types of damage, it's important to avoid contact with rough surfaces. This includes things like concrete, gravel, or sand, which can easily scratch the watch's case or screen. If you need to use your watch in a rough or dirty environment, consider using a protective case or screen protector to shield it from damage.

  4. Be careful when handling the watch: Another way to protect your Apple Watch is by handling it with care. This means avoiding dropping it, banging it against hard surfaces, or exposing it to extreme temperatures. If you're not using the watch, it's a good idea to store it in a safe place, such as a protective case or a jewelry box.

  5. Clean it regularly: To keep your Apple Watch looking its best, it's important to clean it regularly. This means wiping down the case and band with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove dirt, grime, and sweat. Avoid using abrasive materials or cleaning products, as these can damage the finish. If your band is particularly dirty, you can remove it and wash it with mild soap and water, then dry it thoroughly before reattaching it to the watch.

By following these expert tips, you can help protect your Apple Watch from scratches and damage. With a little care and attention, you can keep your smartwatch looking its best and ensure that it continues to serve you well for years to come.

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